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Where can I purchase Splenda® Brand Sweetener Products?

Most products are widely available at stores across the United States, in addition to Just click “Where to Buy” to find the best option for you.

Do Splenda® Brand products expire?

Splenda Brand Sweeteners are labeled with Best By dates.
When stored in a cool, dry place tabletop Sweeteners such as packets, jars, or pouches of granulated Splenda Original, Splenda Stevia, and Splenda Baking Blends will retain their sweetness and can be consumed after their best by date.

Reference dates below are how items are... Read More

Where can I find coupons for Splenda® Brand products?

Coupons for Splenda Brand products are available for download – click here to see what’s available. Most can be downloaded twice a year.

I’ve noticed my Splenda® Brand Sweetener packaging looks different – what all has changed?

The packaging for Original Splenda Sweeteners and Splenda Liquids may look different, but we can assure you that’s the only change. This product still contains the same great-great taste you expect and no changes have been made to ingredients.