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Sweet First Taste

A young scientist at a British college, on a mission to “test” a new sugar compound called sucralose, ends up with a sweet surprise when he decides to “taste” it instead. The result? Sucralose is born, a calorie-free sweet sensation!


Splenda Launches in Canada

Splenda makes its sweet debut in the Great White North, launching in Canada.


Splenda Received FDA Approval 15 Categories

Splenda gets the thumbs-up from the FDA, gaining approval in a whopping 15 different categories.1


Splenda Introduced to US & General Purpose Usage FDA Approval

Splenda takes the US by storm, receiving FDA approval for general-purpose usage. The sugar reduction revolution begins! 2


Splenda Launches in Restuarants & Coffee Shops

Splenda gives consumers a sugar free option while dining out.


Splenda is Named Americas #1 Favorite Sweetener


Splenda Launches Sugar Blend

Splenda creates custom sugar blend containing 50% Splenda combined with 50% Sugar, offering an optimal baking solution for those on their journey to reducing sugar.


Stevia is FDA Approved

The FDA gives the green light to Stevia, adding a plant-based sweetener option to the mix.3


Monk Fruit is FDA Approved

Monk Fruit, a second plant-based sweetener, gets the FDA’s stamp of approval, expanding the range of options for no added sugar enthusiasts.4


Splenda is a Mission Led Company

Splenda commits to helping people live happier, healthier, longer lives by making it easier to reduce sugar and providing the best tasting sweetener.


Splenda Stevia Launches

Splenda takes another leap forward, launching sweet stevia products. Today we offer stevia packets, pouch and jar to enhance everything from your morning coffee to delectable cakes!


Splenda launches Made in America Packets

Splenda Away From Home team launches Made in America packet as an ode to our commitment to making our products in the U.S.


Splenda is Announced as the #1 Low and No Calorie Sweetener Recommended by Doctors & Dietitians *


Readers Digest Trusted Brands Names Splenda #1 Trusted Sweetener

Readers Digest Trusted Brands names Splenda #1 Trusted Sweetener


Heartland FPG Transforms Manufacturing Facility to Produce GermX Hand Sanitizer

Heartland FPG lends a hand by turning their facility into a GermX hand sanitizer haven during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Splenda Launches Diabetes Care Shakes

Don’t forget the launch of Splenda’s Diabetes Care Shakes – a sweet and caring combo!

Splenda Reached Over 19.9 Billion Sweetener Servings

That’s 1 trillion calories saved!!


Splenda Launch Sweet Sayings on Packets

Splenda adds a sprinkle of morning motivation with “Sweet Sayings” on their packets, delivering a daily dose of sweetness to kickstart your day, leaving you with a smile and a sweet spirit.


Splenda Announces Partnership with the American Diabetes Association

Splenda partners with the American Diabetes Association to “prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.”


Splenda Lauched Magic Baker

The magic of Splenda expands as we unveil Magic Baker, giving consumers a baking specific sweetener alternative for sweet treats.


Splenda Launches First Fully Integrated US Stevia Farm

Splenda launches Splenda Stevia Farms in Central Florida with the goal of bringing stevia production from overseas to the U.S.! The fully operational stevia farms utilize sustainable farming techniques and significantly reduce our CO2 emissions.

Splenda Launches Peel & Pour Drink Mix, Coffee Syrups & Multi-Use Syrup

Plus, we make it even easier to enjoy the sweetness with the innovation of Peel & Pour Drink Mix, Coffee Syrups and Multi-Use Syrup allowing consumers to sip, sprinkle, swap throughout the day.

Splenda Announces Partnerships with JDRF & CWD

Splenda join forces with Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation & Children with Diabetes with the goal of helping adults and children with diabetes pursue a healthy lifestyle through education and awareness of no added sugar alternatives.


This year we are celebrating our 25th Birthday and announce Splenda Stevia is now 100% U.S. Grown.

In our 25th year, Splenda proudly announces that our Splenda Stevia is now 100% U.S. Grown at our 1,465-acre Splenda Stevia Farms. It’s a golden anniversary of sweetness!

* The Splenda Brand Family is the sweetener brand recommended most by healthcare professionals clinically treating patients
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.