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Splenda® Stevia Sweeteners FAQs

What is stevia?

Stevia is a herb or plant which is farmed commercially. The leaves from the stevia plant are used to create an extract that is 200-350 times sweeter than sugar.  Due to its sweetness level, stevia extract is often processed with other plant-based ingredients to create zero-calorie sweetener blends that measure more like sugar. Many people all... Read More

What is Splenda® Stevia?

Splenda Stevia is a great-tasting, zero calorie sweetener blend that uses U.S. grown stevia leaves sweetened by sunshine on Splenda Stevia Farms. Most stevia is currently grown overseas, but Splenda Stevia uses hand-selected plants pollinated by bees and grown in the fresh air of our Florida farms.  The sweet parts of the leaf are... Read More

How is Splenda® Stevia Sweetener different from its competitors?

Splenda Stevia zero-calorie sweeteners are made with simple ingredients that include hand-selected U.S. Grown stevia leaves from Splenda Stevia Farms. The sweet parts of the leaves are then extracted and processed to be combined with plant-based ingredients so that it measures like sugar and has that signature Splenda sweet t aste. Our sweet stevia plants... Read More

How is Splenda® Stevia grown?

Splenda Stevia zero-calorie sweeteners are made using plants grown on Splenda Stevia Farms - the first commercially, fully integrated stevia farm in the United States.  Our 1,465-acre farm in Central Florida has built a new American agriculture industry because until now, most stevia has been grown and processed from markets... Read More

Where does the sweetness in Splenda® Stevia come from?

Splenda Stevia zero-calorie sweeteners get their unique Splenda sweet taste from extract derived from stevia leaves. This starts with hand-selected stevia leaves grown on our U.S. Splenda Stevia Farms. Our stevia plants are grown in the fresh air and sweetened by sunshine to be great-tasting so you can easily replace sugar in all your favorite... Read More

What is stevia leaf extract?

Stevia leaf extract is a component of the leaves of the stevia plant. At Splenda Stevia Farms, our U.S. grown stevia leaves are harvested, dried, and then steeped in water. This liquid is processed to allow the intense sweetening components to be isolated, purified, and dried. 

Learn more about stevia by reading the International Food... Read More

Where can I purchase Splenda® Brand Sweetener Products?

Most products are widely available at stores across the United States. Go to our Where To Buy page to find Splenda products at a store near you and at online retailers. Amazon also carries most Splenda products.

Where do I get Splenda® Stevia recipes?

We have a large collection of sweet and delicious Splenda Stevia recipes. Explore all of our Splenda Stevia drink recipes and food recipes today!

How much Splenda® Stevia should I use in my drinks and recipes?

Each Splenda Stevia Sweetener product has different sweetness conversion to sugar. See our Splenda Sweetener product pages or the Splenda conversion chart page to help you determine the right amount of Splenda to use in place of sugar in your recipes.

How sweet is one serving of Splenda® Brand Sweetener products found in packets, granulated pouches, or jars?

Per US labeling guidelines, all sweetener products have a serving size that is equivalent to the sweetness as 2 teaspoons of sugar.
See individual Splenda Sweetener product pages for more information about serving sizes and sweetness equivalencies to sugar. You can also use our Read More

How can I be sure Splenda® Stevia is safe?

The FDA has recognized that many stevia leaf extracts, including the high-purity extracts used in Splenda® Stevia, are safe and allowed for use as ingredients in sweeteners and in foods and beverages.

Is Splenda® Stevia safe for people with diabetes?

Yes, Splenda Stevia is safe to consume for all, including people with diabetes. Splenda Sweeteners are ideal for the whole family and Splenda is the number one recommended sweetener brand by doctors and dietitians. Splenda Stevia sweeteners do not raise blood sugar levels. 

Where do the carbohydrates in Splenda® Stevia come from?

The source of carbohydrates in Splenda Stevia Sweeteners depends on which product form that you're interested in. The carbs in Splenda U.S. Grown Stevia Sweetener Packets come from dextrose, while the carbs in the Splenda Stevia Granulated Sweetener Pouch come from maltodextrin. The carbs in Splenda Stevia Sweetener Jar come from erythritol, a sugar alcohol... Read More

Is there Splenda® in Splenda® Stevia?

Splenda is our brand name. It’s not the sweetening ingredient. There are several sweetener product lines under the Splenda brand name, each with different sweetening ingredients. Our most popular Splenda brand sweetener, in the yellow packaging, is the Splenda Original Sweetener product line that is made with the sweetening ingredient sucralose. Splenda Stevia Sweetener, in... Read More

Does Splenda® Stevia contain sucralose?

No, Splenda Stevia products do not contain sucralose. Splenda Stevia is something completely new from Splenda products found in the traditional yellow packets or pouches are made from sucralose. You can see the Splenda Stevia product pages or the back of the package for a list of ingredients in a... Read More

Why are dextrose, maltodextrin, and erythritol used in some Splenda® Brand Sweeteners?

Since sucralose is over 600 times sweeter than sugar, only a small amount is needed to produce the sweetness of sugar. Maltodextrin and dextrose provide volume and texture, making Splenda easier to use.

Splenda Original:

Splenda contains zero calories and 1 gram or less of carbohydrate per serving (depending on product - see... Read More

Why is erythritol an ingredient in Splenda® Stevia Sweetener Jar?

Since stevia extract is over 200-350 times sweeter than sugar, only a small amount of stevia is needed to produce the sweetness of sugar. Erythritol provides volume and texture, making Splenda Stevia Sweetener Jar easier to use.

Learn more about erythritol by reading the International Food Information Council's overview here.

What is erythritol?

Erythritol is a plant-based sugar alcohol naturally found in many vegetables and fruits like watermelon, pears & grapes. It is also produced by the human body and utilized in food and beverage formulations because of its ability to provide sweetness without calories. Erythritol has been scientifically studied for decades resulting in the World Health Organization... Read More

Will erythritol give me a stomach ache?

Unlike most sugar alcohols, erythritol is largely not digested so GI side effects are not expected.

Do Splenda® Brand products contain corn?

Splenda Fiber packets and jar contain corn.
The corn-derived ingredients in Splenda Original packets and granulated pouches come from the starch fraction of corn and are highly purified ingredients, resulting in an end product that would not be expected to contain considerable amount of corn protein. However, we can’t guarantee that there are not... Read More

What Splenda Brand Sweetener products are Non-GMO?

Splenda Stevia Sweetener jar as well as Splenda Monk Fruit granulated packets, pouches and jar are made with non-GMO ingredients.

Are Splenda® Stevia Sweeteners organic?

No, Splenda Stevia is not organic.

Are Splenda® Brand products keto-friendly?

The following Splenda Brand Sweetener products are keto-friendly and contain 0g net carbs per serving:

Splenda Stevia jar
Splenda Liquid (Sucralose, Stevia, Monk Fruit)
Splenda Monk Fruit granulated packets, pouches and jar
Splenda Allulose granulated pouches and jar

Splenda Diabetes Care Shakes contain 2.5-3.5g of net carbs per bottle (French... Read More

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