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Serve It Up with Splenda Cookbook

Serve It Up with Splenda Cookbook

At Splenda, we understand that there is a lot to manage when living with diabetes, including paying closer attention to what you eat and drink. As we continue to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month, we are excited to be partnering with JDRF to help resource the T1D community with tools that illuminate how to still enjoy the foods they love without raising their blood sugar levels. The Serve It Up With Splenda Cookbook will be available to adults, children and teens living with T1D through JDRF’s newly diagnosed care kits.

Splenda is Your Trusted Partner for Diabetes Management

About JDRF and Type 1 Diabetes

JDRF is fighting to end type 1 diabetes by funding research, advocating for government support, ensuring new therapies are accessible and affordable, and connecting the type 1 diabetes community. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that affects a person’s ability to produce insulin. Insulin helps blood sugar get into the body’s cells to make energy. Without insulin, blood sugar builds up in the bloodstream, which is damaging to the body. Type 1 diabetes was formerly called juvenile diabetes because the condition is often diagnosed in children and young people. However, the condition can develop at any age, which is why we now call it type 1 diabetes.

Our Partnership

We are on a mission to help people with diabetes live happier, healthier, and longer lives and proudly partner with JDRF because we believe in the power of research, advocacy, and resources. We established the partnership in 2022 and have since shared the Serve It Up with Splenda Cookbook, which will be placed in 27,000 care kits for children, teens, and adults. The cookbook serves as an invaluable resource for newly diagnosed individuals who are questioning how to still enjoy the foods they love without raising their blood sugar levels. JDRF provides specific care kits to different demographics including Bag of Hope (children), No Limits Teen Care Kit (teens), and No Limits Adult Care Kit (adults).

Serve It Up with Splenda Cookbook

The Serve It Up with Splenda cookbook includes 28 fun, delicious recipes that you can enjoy with the whole family. The book also provides an introduction to carb counting, a tool that can be used to help a person determine how much insulin to take for a snack or meal.
Included in the book are recipes for every occasion because we recognize the importance of reducing sugar year-round. You will find 4 breakfast, 4 appetizer/snack, 6 lunch/dinner, 5 dessert, 5 holiday dessert, and 4 drink recipes made with a Splenda Sweetener product that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. A few fan favorite recipes include Cookie Dough Hummus, 4-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies, One Skillet Sweet Orange Chicken, and Unicorn Smoothie.

You can view the e-book version of the Serve It Up with Splenda Cookbook here and can learn more about JDRF’s life-changing initiatives at

Recipes from Serve It Up With Splenda