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How is Splenda® Stevia grown?

Splenda Stevia zero-calorie sweeteners are made using plants grown onSplenda Stevia Farms - the first commercially, fully integrated stevia farm in the United States Our 1,465-acre farm in Central Florida has built a new American agriculture industry because until now, most stevia has been grown and processed from markets outside of the US. 

By partnering with local farmers and overseeing every step of the process – from crop propagation to extraction – we can ensure great-tasting stevia plants. 

Our Process & Farm to Table Journey 

Our stevia plants start in our fields at Splenda Stevia Farms, where they are pollinated by bees and nourished in the fresh air and sunshine. The seeds are tested for strong agricultural properties and great tasting sugars (glycosides). This process repeats until we create great tasting Splenda U.S Grown Stevia. We hand-select the best cuttings from mother plants to propagate growing new roots of our stevia plants over & over again in our greenhouses to create more U.S. grown stevia plants. These new plants are transferred to our fields to mature into great tasting leaves. The stevia leaves are picked from the plant, harvested & dried. 

At our on-site extraction facility at Splenda Stevia Farms, the dried leaves are steeped in fresh water to extract the sweet parts of the leaf and processed at our Indianapolis-based manufacturing facility to be the best-tasting sweetener and combined with a plant-based ingredient, so it measures like sugar. 

Great Tasting Stevia from Splenda -The #1 Sweetener Brand 

Our sweetest stevia plants are grown to be great tasting* so you can replace added sugar in all of your favorite foods and drinks. 

*According to a 2023 Ipsos Brand Equity Report, Splenda outperforms the category average among category users and leads on the brand’s top five drivers including best tasting, trust, and popularity. 

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