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Welcome to Splenda Stevia Farms

Our stevia farm is located in Central Florida, which has a rich history of strong agriculture. Its warm, sunny climate, soil, and water resources make it ideal for growing high-quality stevia. The farm is designed to grow the best-tasting stevia, and to invest in the community, the people, and the environment. This is America. The home of the American Farmer, pioneers working the land and planting new crops to eliminate dependence on foreign soils. A new American industry is born right here, before our eyes, in Central Florida.

Standing on the porch of the farm’s main lodge, while sipping on a glass of lemonade made from lemons freshly picked from the garden and sweetened with stevia leaf grown in the fields, one can gaze across the landscape and see a modern farm and traditional values working in perfect harmony. A short walk from the lodge, you will be greeted by Stevie, our Black Angus cow sure to have a calf by her side, and a host of other farm animals that are treated like celebrities.

Farm associates prepare the nurseries to propagate plants that will grow in the hundreds of acres under pivot and, in the near future, in thousands more. Their tasks then alternate between field work and tending the animals, which minimizes repetitive work and de-stresses mind and body.

Just past the duck pond and other animals that visit the farm from the nearby forests, is our on-site stevia extraction facility. We use a water- based method to extract the sweet stevia glycosides that will end up in Splenda Stevia sweeteners and other Splenda brand products. This innovative processing virtually eliminates the transportation costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions caused by current Chinese stevia supply chain operations.

Splenda Stevia Farms is dedicated to sustainable, natural, socially-responsible farming and is pioneering this new American industry.


Map of Splenda Stevia Farm

Growing Better-Tasting Stevia

It all started over 20 years ago when we began investing in the natural breeding of stevia plants. Plant A and Plant B are cross-pollinated by bees and their seeds are tested for strong agricultural properties and, of course, the sweetest and best tasting sugars, called glycosides. The process is repeated until we have the best stevia plants and the best-tasting combinations of stevia glycosides, sweet and without bitterness. We then take cuttings from those mother plants and propagate them over and over again, growing roots from the cuttings, creating more versions of the same plant. This gives us a consistency of sweetness from acre to acre. An all-natural process, without genetic engineering.

Splenda Stevia Farms Nature

Partnering with Nature

Splenda Stevia Farm Management designed the farm to be eco-friendly from the very start: we implemented water conservation measures, eliminated long supply chains, reduced CO2 emissions, and adopted socially responsible farming techniques.

By growing stevia in the US, we are drastically cutting down on the environmental impact of a complex and heavy transportation infrastructure. Eliminating imports and reliance on China are key benefits and greatly reduce emissions while reshaping the impact stevia processing has on the environment.

Splenda Stevia Farms Greenhouses

The extraction method simply uses stevia leaves and water. Once the stevia leaves are harvested, they are steeped in fresh water. The sweet stevia is extracted from of the cells of the leaves and is taken away with the water. The water is then evaporated and filtered, after which the pure stevia glycosides are available to sweeten foods and beverages naturally. The clean stevia leaves are then removed from the steeping tanks, dried, and pelletized as nutrient-rich feed for the livestock. In turn, the livestock produces dairy and protein to sustain life in other ways. It also produces manure which is collected and makes its way back to the fields, fertilizing the same stevia plants that will again be harvested, thus completing the circle of sustainability.

Our commitment goes beyond the farm and embraces the broader ecosystem.

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