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Splenda Naturals

Splenda Naturals

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Sweetness with no bitter aftertaste

With no bitter aftertaste, we’re confident SPLENDA® Naturals is the natural, low calorie sweetener that will best compliment your beverages and meet your guests' needs.

Rated #1 most appealing stevia sweetener by restaurant guests!1

SPLENDA® Naturals being used by customers

Your customers want a natural, low calorie sweetener

Natural products are growing faster than any other sweetener, and now make up 40+% of the low calorie sweetener market. Your guests are buying natural, low calorie sweeteners to use at home, giving you an opportunity to delight them by offering a natural product when they are dining out.2

1. Datassential Proprietary Study (July 2017)
2. Nielsen L52 weeks ending 12/30/17


SPLENDA® Naturals with Coffee

Taste is the most important factor for guests when they select a sweetener

SPLENDA® Naturals utilizes Reb D, a less bitter part of the stevia leaf, resulting in zero calorie, natural sweetness with the great taste you expect from the SPLENDA® Brand.  In fact, online consumers who have tried SPLENDA® Naturals give it 4.6 out of 5 stars!

1. Datassential Proprietary Study (July 2017)

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Talk to your distributor about carrying SPLENDA® Naturals. We can help! Contact us at [email protected] You can also purchase SPLENDA® Naturals online at shop.splenda.com/500naturals, or at your local retailer.

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