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Making Life Sweeter: 10 Reasons to Choose Splenda Sweeteners

Sweetness without all the calories and carbohydrates from sugar

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child

I have to say that I agree with the dear, late Ms. Child. Cake matters! Cake tastes good. Who doesn’t like cake?

However, cake is traditionally made with a whole lot of sugar, as are other desserts such as cookies, candy, pies and pastries. Until the introduction of Splenda No Calorie Sweetener in the US in 1998, it was nearly impossible to successfully make my favorite dessert recipes with significantly less, or no added sugar.

So yes, before you read on, I admit it. I am a huge Splenda Brand fan. I have used no-calorie sweeteners as far back as my college days (when saccharin was the only option), but the introduction of Splenda No Calorie Sweeteners proved to me that I can “have my (less sugary) cake and eat it too.”

With Splenda Sweetener Products, you can make almost anything… from sweets like cakes, cookies and pastries to soups and side dishes…without all the added sugar.

Here are 10 Sound Reasons Why Many People (including me!) Choose Splenda Sweeteners

Splenda Sweeteners provide that all-important sweetness without all the calories and carbohydrates from sugar. That is probably the number one reason why consumers like myself turn to Splenda Sweeteners.

Products in the Splenda Brand family come in easy-to-use packets, as well as in bags. Some Splenda Sweetener Products have zero calories per serving, while the Splenda Sugar Blend Products are a mix of Splenda Brand Sweetener (sucralose) and sugar or brown sugar, so they provide only half the calories and carbohydrate of sugar. Visit if you’d like more information on the various products that are available.

Love recipes made with Splenda Sweeteners? Visit to see how other consumers are using Splenda Sweetener Products to reduce added sugar and make Sweet Swaps!

Even if you have what you consider to be an “insatiable” sweet tooth, Splenda Brand offers a wide variety of delicious recipes without all the added sugar. One of my favorites is this Tropical Hummingbird Cake recipe.

Not all low-calorie sweeteners are the same. Sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in the original Splenda Sweetener Products, is unique among no-calorie sweeteners, with distinctive benefits. Read about those very important and distinct benefits here!

Dessert is not a four-letter word. Take a trip through the cake recipe section of the website and you’ll find many dessert recipes made with Splenda Sweetener Products. Also, don’t overlook recipes for other foods where added sugar can be reduced significantly or eliminated by using Splenda Sweeteners in place of sugar such as in muffins, salad dressings, sauces and such.

Ask anyone you know who has diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) if low-calorie sweeteners help make mealtime more enjoyable. I’ll guarantee the answer will be “yes”! Individuals with diabetes, including members of my family, often incorporate low-calorie sweeteners into their daily eating plan on a regular basis. Check out other SPLENDA LIVING®  blogs about diabetes management and the role Splenda Sweeteners can play.

Frequently asked questions and answers are readily available online. There are even separate Q&A’s for both Splenda No Calorie Sweetener as well as Splenda Sugar Blend.

Apple pie will never be the same again once you cut down on the added sugar and use Splenda No Calorie Sweetener, Granulated to replace sugar, using this recipe. Think of the calories you will save (a cup of Splenda Granulated Sweetener has 678 fewer calories than a cup of sugar!).

Nutritionists and other health experts who helped develop the latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans are recommending that people drastically cut back on the daily amount of added sugars they consume. Splenda Sweeteners can help you achieve this goal.

If you need ideas about getting started using these versatile sweetener products, might I suggest you check out one of my previous blogs where I discussed how I use Splenda Sweeteners. It might just give you the kick start you need to start reducing your added sugar intake.

I have been compensated for my time by Heartland Food Products Group, the maker of Splenda Sweetener Products. All statements and opinions are my own. I have pledged to Blog with Integrity, asserting that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is vitally important to me.

Written by Sue Taylor, MS

Sue Taylor is a consulting nutritionist with more than 35 years of experience. She is passionate about sharing her nutrition knowledge and fondness for good, healthy food. Sue will put relevant information in consumer terms and provide valuable perspective to clear up misinformation and confusion about nutrition and food safety.