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HCP Recommended

HCP Recommended

A Trusted Brand

Healthcare Professionals TRUST SPLENDA® Brand Sweeteners more than any other brand of sweetener. Sugar substitutes are valued as an important part of a meal plan because they can help people:

- Control calorie intake

- Lose or maintain weight1.2

- Manage diabetes2.3

- Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Why SPLENDA® Sweeteners?

When recommending a sweetener, healthcare professionals look for products and brands they trust, that are safe, that promote a healthy lifestyle, and that are affordable for their patients. Since 1994, SPLENDA® has been helping people achieve their health goals while enjoying the best tasting sweetness. We are proud that SPLENDA® is the brand of sweetener RECOMMENDED MOST by Healthcare Professionals.*

The Community of Healthcare Professionals Who Trust and Recommend SPLENDA®

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  1. When used in place of sugar; Rogers PJ, Hogenkamp PS, de Graaf C., et. Al. (2016) Does low-energy sweetener consumption affect energy intake and body weight? A systematic review, including meta-analyses of the evidence from human and animal studies, Int J of Obes 40(3), 381-394.
  2. Johnson C, Stevens B, Foreyl J et al. (2013) The Role of Low-Calorie Sweeteners in Diabetes. Eur Endocrinology 9(2); 96-98.