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Frequently Asked Questions   >   Do Splenda Sweeteners contain Sucralose-6-acetate (SA6)?

Do Splenda Sweeteners contain Sucralose-6-acetate (SA6)?

Sucralose-6-acetate (SA6) is not an ingredient in the Sucralose used in Splenda Sweeteners.

A study published by the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health makes claims about the chemical sucralose-6-acetate (SA6), a chemical that is NOT found in Splenda. 

Splenda samples were not included or tested in this research, therefor any news reports linking study results with the Splenda Brand are inaccurate, false and misleading.  The study, and media coverage of the study, falsely lead consumers to believe that sucralose-6-acetate (SA6) is the same as sucralose.  It is not – SA6 is not synonymous with sucralose.  Sucralose is a popular, zero calorie sweetener that has been used by millions of people for over 25 years to sweeten foods and beverages.  It is also globally approved by food safety organizations including the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).  SA6 is a completely different chemical and molecule than the sweetener sucralose, that is used in Splenda brand products.  As the leading brand in low- and no-calorie sweeteners, we rigorously and routinely test and monitor for any impurities in our products. We can confirm that SA6 is not present in Splenda Brand sucralose down to the lowest detection limit possible, which is .001% sensitivity level. As a result, we are confident that your Splenda contains absolutely no SA6. The sucralose in Splenda Brand sweetener is made 100% in the USA so we can monitor and enforce the highest quality standards. Our company is working with the media to correct their false and misleading reporting to ensure our consumers that their Splenda Brand sweeteners are safe and effective.  As part of our commitment to fight the global epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and prediabetes, which unfortunately impacts over 50% of the US population, Splenda continues to develop and market zero-calorie sweeteners and products to help consumers reduce and avoid added sugars in their diet.

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