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Debunk the Junk Influencers

Debunk the Junk Influencers

The SPLENDA® Brand partnered with SciBabe and Someecards to address the junk science about low-calorie sweeteners. SciBabe created original content communicating the actual findings of junk science studies while Someecards created original custom ecards with relatable, funny content. Learn more about our partners and see what they had to say.

About SciBabe

About SciBabe (Y’vette d’Entremont)

Yvette worked for eight years as an analytical chemist before launching her popular blog and SciBabe persona in 2015 after her first piece of professional writing went viral. She has been speaking, writing and occasionally making goofy videos to help inform audiences about what science is and what it isn’t with her trademark brand of humor ever since. She holds a B.A. in theatre, a B.S. in chemistry (Emmanuel College in Boston) and a master’s degree in forensic science with a concentration in biological criminalistics (Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England).

Someecards Square

About Someecards

Launched in 2006, Someecards creates new ecards, articles and original content every day, resulting in over 500 million monthly views on their website and in social media. Their team of writers creates humorous content in ecard format, appealing to an audience that is youthful, tech-savvy and social.

Someecards Debunks the Junk