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Taking a Stand for the Truth

The truth is under assault. Junk science and myths dominate the media.

We say “no more.” Today – and every day forward – we take a stand. A stand for truth; a stand for science. This isn’t about taking sides. This isn’t about adding to the noise. This is about clear, concise and open communications about the total body of research. People deserve access to reliable science when making health decisions.

In the low-calorie sweetener business, we deal with this every day. SPLENDA® Sweetener Products help people live healthier lives. So, despite the myths, the spin and the half-truths, we’re going to stand by more than 20 years of research and over 110 safety studies that show our products are safe. We are going to stand by the full breadth of research that has been done and endorsed by credible experts, and we are going to debunk junk science and overblown headlines. We will work with experts to equip our consumers with tools and resources to help them evaluate the scientific evidence themselves.

Who Supports Us

Over 110 scientific studies representing over 20 years of research support sucralose (the main sweetening ingredient in the original SPLENDA® Sweetener). Don’t just trust us; low-calorie sweeteners like sucralose are supported by independent health authorities who know best, including the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and the National Cancer Institute.

Our Partners in Truth

Sci-Babe Square

SciBabe (Y’vette d’Entremont)

A former forensic scientist who busts pseudoscience with a combination of real science and humor

The SPLENDA® Brand partnered with SciBabe in 2017 to debunk junk science about low-calorie sweeteners. SciBabe created original content communicating the actual findings of junk science studies vs. the headlines to a science-minded audience.

Someecards Square


A uniquely voiced ecard site that has grown into one of the most widely shared and trusted humor brands online

The SPLENDA® Brand partnered with Someecards in 2017 to address the junk science about low-calorie sweeteners with humor. Someecards created and distributed original custom ecards with relatable, funny content.