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Splenda® 25 Families

Help Us Sweeten the Lives of Families Recently Impacted by Diabetes


We’re celebrating 25 years of sweetness by awarding 25 families with $2,500 each.

Submission requirements include:

  • Eligibility: You or the person you’re nominating must be diagnosed with diabetes and currently managing the condition.
  • The Journey: Share with us how the diagnosis and/or management of diabetes has influenced your or their life.
  • Beyond Diabetes: Tell us about yourself or your nominee beyond diabetes. What hobbies, or passions define you or them?
  • Financial Impact: Explain how receiving $2,500 would positively impact your or their life. Whether it’s covering medical expenses, educational pursuits, or other essential needs, help us understand how this support would make a difference.
  • Applicants must be 18 years or older residents of the United States to be eligible for consideration.

Review the official Splenda 25 Families Criteria and Guidelines