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SPLENDA Sponsored the JDRF One Walk in Indianapolis in October

In 2019, Splenda partnered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to help educate over 10,000 diabetes patients on low calorie sweetener options. We participated in over 10 JDRF events throughout the United Stated this year. We're proud to support JDRF in the fight against diabetes and to help improve the lives of people burdened by diabetes today.

Here's What Individuals at JDRF Events Had To Say About SPLENDA

"I use SPLENDA Stevia everyday for hot tea and my sweet tea. It helps me in my carb intake and tastes fantastic"
– Melinda
"I haven't used it yet, but after the taste test at the JDRF summit I will be!"
– Serena
"I will be able to satisfy my sweet cravings without impacting my blood sugar levels"
– William

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