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The following articles offer simple advice and hints to help positively impact the health & wellness of your family.

Make Special Occasions Even More Special

Encourages healthier eating choices at parties and celebrations without ruining all the "fun".

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A Recipe for Results — Time in the Kitchen With Kids

Emphasizes the benefits of spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking with kids.

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Breakfast First!

Stresses the importance of eating breakfast every day.

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Think About Drinks

Useful ideas to cut calories and make smarter choices when it comes to drinks.

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Children and Excess Weight Gain: Simple Changes Help

Easy ways for families to cut calories and increase activity.

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Are You Concerned About Your Overweight Child?

Simple tips for healthier lunches and snacks as well as increasing activity levels in children.

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Are You Concerned About Your Overweight Teen?

Offers realistic tips for a healthier diet as well as increasing teen activity levels.

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Replace Sugar With SPLENDA® Sweetener Products

Easy-to-read chart showing the calories saved by substituting SPLENDA® Sweetener Products in place of sugar.

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20 Fun Things for Kids to Do While Walking

Helpful hints and advice to amuse kids on walks.

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There Are Many Ways to Get 2,000 Extra Steps

Learn how many steps you’ll get from lots of fun and useful activities, from bicycling to shopping.

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Serving Size Counts!

Learn how to serve healthy portions without weighing or measuring.

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WE CAN! Families Finding the Balance: A Parent Handbook

A total look at family nutrition (32 pages)

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