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The following articles offer simple advice and hints to help positively impact the health & wellness of your family.

Weight Management Handouts

Breakfast First!

Stresses the importance of eating breakfast every day.

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Think About Drinks

Useful ideas to cut calories and make smarter choices when it comes to drinks.

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A Recipe for Results — Time in the Kitchen With Kids

Emphasizes the benefits of spending time in the kitchen, cooking and baking with kids.

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Children and Excess Weight Gain: Simple Changes Help

Easy ways for families to cut calories and increase activity.

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Fill Their Days With Fun as Well as Good Eating Habits

Two-sided handout provides weight management tips to help overweight kids and teens slow weight gain as their bodies grow. Also suggests fun ways to get kids moving.


Things That Go Together

Two-sided handout, specifically for teens, provides interesting facts and hints on how to eat better and be more active for healthful weight management--without it being a hassle.


Make Special Occasions Even More Special

Encourages healthier eating choices at parties and celebrations without ruining all the "fun".


Diabetes Management Handouts

Sensible & Simple Steps

Two-sided handout explains that a key to managing your diabetes is to choose healthy foods, watch your carbohydrate intake, and eat at regular times.

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Simple Tips for Managing Diabetes

Designed specifically for patients who need help with diabetes management, this handout offers great tips on healthier eating as well as information about SPLENDA® Sweetener Products, recipes, and more.


Diabetes "Getting Started" Brochure from dLife

An educational kit on diabetes management and healthier living for patients recently diagnosed with diabetes. The kit contains nutritional information (including the importance of fiber in a healthy diet), delicious recipes, and helpful tips, as well as segments from dLife TV, the only TV show dedicated to promoting healthier lives for those with diabetes.


Safety Handouts

Truths & Myths

This pamphlet explains the myths and truths about SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (Sucralose) and other No-Calorie Sweeteners.

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